Top Tips for Selling Your Property

Top of the list is to seek advice of the Professionals in Marbella when you are selling property in Spain. The laws in Spain will be nothing like you have encountered in your own country. They follow an outdated system with so much bureaucracy you would be far stretched to deal with the sale of your home alone without seeking out the right kind of help. On top of this the laws are set to change again in 2015.
Make sure the right professional help is just that, choose experienced Estate Agents and Independent Spanish Lawyers, who can provide you with recent testimonials, not a few selected by themselves, but ask for the ones that matter to you right now in the market you are selling.

Know the Law in Spain

Let's face it, the Law in Spain is not going to compare to Laws you are used to in your own country, especially if you are coming from the UK.
SELLING PROPERTY IN SPAIN EXPLAINED will guide you on the legalities.

Get the Real Market Value of Your Property in Marbella

This isn't a figure plucked from thin air; the valuation has to be correct and informed. Many factors influence the current value. The quality of the build and location are certainly at the top of the list. Don't be tempted to go in with too high an asking price and hope for negotiation. It simply doesn't work this way, instead look at what property equal to or in relation to yours has been selling at. Your estate agent will have sound advice for you on this matter.

Trust in a Professional Estate Agent

Choose a good agent, some people turn up at an open house day to see the agent in action. This is insightful and it lets you see first-hand if this is the agent you could do business with. This person is someone who you need to build an honest relationship with, someone you feel confident in doing business with.
Are they informed, can they answer the questions, do they offer follow up?
Once you have your agent, listen to them and set aside your sentimental attachment you have for your home.

Marketing in this Saturated Industry is Vital

Does your agent have a clear marketing strategy? Are they present on Social Media Channels? Now this may seem unnecessary to you and you couldn't see how it would serve to help with the sale of your house.
This is the perfect platform for an agent to gain confidence and build relationships with the community. He can show his expertise in the area and here they will find your potential buyer.
These social channels are what send people to their website, where you are listed. They also give people information on the local area, schools, hospitals all the things your buyer has to consider before moving to a new area. This becomes even more important if your potential buyer is coming from another country to set up and begin their new life in Spain.

Top Tips for Selling your Home in Marbella

Put The For Sale Sign Up

This isn't always possible in certain Urbanisations in Spain, but if there is no ruling against it, get the sign up and let people know you are selling. Your buyer may be around the corner renting and been waiting for something to come up in your area.

De-Clutter & Clean

This includes your personal possessions as well. Things you don't use everyday put them in storage. You don't want people thinking your home is too small and there is no storage.

Kitchens - The kitchen doesn't need to have all your equipment and utensils on the work surfaces, clear them and clean it! Work surfaces, hobs, ovens, extraction fans, fridges, cupboards, tiles, clean everything!

Bathrooms - The bathroom should be cleared of all your toiletries and cosmetics and cleaned as well. Polish the chrome taps, clean the tiles, add sparkle to the shower unit and re-do the grouting if needed.

There are a number of industrial cleaning services out there, have the floors industrially cleaned and buffed. Have the terrace jet washed. Clean until it gleams.

Entrance Areas

This applies to terraces, patios, courtyards, gardens and pool areas clean them up. This is Spain and outdoor living is as important, if not more than indoors. This is additional room space and square metres for you to sell.

Make It Fresh

Give your rooms a fresh coat of neutral paint to lighten them up. Your personality is not important now. Tend to the repair jobs that you have ignored for so long. Simple things like making sure the lights are all working. Open the windows and let light into the rooms.

Diffuse essential oils, have some fresh flowers, invite the senses to come alive.

Take Good Quality Photographs

Get down to a lower level and keep the horizon straight, shoot to the corner of a room, it will look bigger. You don't have to include the whole room, choose an area of it.

Appeal To A Market

Who would buy your property, why did you buy it previously? Dress your space to attract this group, make the space work. You can target a cross section of people if you work out the rooms and what should be in them. The extra room you are using as an office can be changed back into a bedroom and create a workstation elsewhere in the house. You can maximise the potential for selling this way.

Don't Leave Rooms Empty

An empty room actually looks smaller than a room with furniture. Don't have viewers picture what the room could be like, usually they can't imagine a room able to accommodate a double bed!

Prepare For Viewings

Offload children and pets to family or friends, or just get out of the house while the agent is showing potential buyers around. Viewers feel more comfortable without the current owners in the house. They will be more honest with their opinions, without feeling they are offending. Try and secure a parking space before they arrive for them to park comfortably, this may mean moving your own car away from your drive.

Showing Buyers Around Yourself

If you are showing the property decide whether to show the best rooms first or last. Highlight the positives and invite them to return for a second viewing. Allow them space to move around the house freely, but be close by to answer and of their questions. Remember the no children, no pets rule.

Accepting An Offer

Your Estate Agent can help with this as they have more background on the potential buyer and the position they are in. You have to take into consideration how quickly you need to complete the sale and what will be included.

Don't Mess It Up Now

Make sure all your paperwork, certificates and documentation is in place. Don't leave any bills outstanding otherwise the day of signing at the Notary will not proceed and you have worked hard to get to this point. Have legal representation to guide you through the sale procedure in Spain and what you have to do on completion.

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